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  • Flawless in concept, design & Finish.
  • Lid Snaps fit on the body
  • Belt fits snugly and uniformly on the body thanks to precision clip which keeps the belt in fair tension.
  • Belt slots and perforations of the body correspond accurately.
  • Custom designed chains for comfortable latching.
  • Configuration, design & Material confirms IS 3831 in all sizes.
surgical dressing drums
  Size : 350x240 mm, 275x240 mm, 275x132 mm, 225x225 mm, 350x130 mm
vertical pressure autoclave sterilizer


  • Stainless Steel seamless sterilizer.
  • User's friendly master piece with several productive features.
  • Thermally insulated and vulcanised poly chloroprone (Synthetic Rubber) gasket.
  • The construction of the sterilizer is ensured an easy and safe handling.
  • Handles holding lugs & knobs afford safe handling inspite of high temperature.
  • It can run on any fuel e.g. Charcoal, Kerosene, Gas or Electricity.
  • Size 350mm (dia) x 300 - 325mm (height)


hospital sterilizers manufacturers
  • A Product of choice in the medical field.
  • Seamless Shell & Lever operated Lid fitted with full proof mechanism control excessive steam escape and restricts condensate with in the shell.
  • Incredible synchronised manoevrability of lid, due to statistically perforated tray for flushing and entry of water.
  • Highly adoptable of your growing needs.
  • Configuration design and material as per IS : 5022.
Large :
Medium :
Small :
510 x 200 x 150 mm
430 x 200 x 150 mm
300 x 150 x 125 mm

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